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 Equestrian Properties
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“Natural Balance is the communication between two beings by the most subtle, almost invisible, signals, minute changes in the center of gravity and through pure thought and feeling.” ~ Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

The world’s most aristocratic EQUINE population owes its fame to the ANDALUSIAN horse, along with the Arab and much later the Thoroughbred. The origins of the ANDALUSIANS haven’t been accurately determined. However, there is enough evidence to trace the origin of the CARTHUSIAN thoroughbred Spanish horses which are unique in the world.

In the 15th century a CARTHUSIAN MONASTERY was founded 5 km from JEREZ, Andalusia. The monks started to breed horses with splendid studs, achieving ideal crossings and treating the horses with utmost care. The result was the world famous Carthusian, the essence of today’s Andalusian horse.

Whenever you are reading about SPANISH HORSES, you will often read the term PRE, this stands for PURA RAZA ESPANOLA, translated as Pure Spanish Breed. These are horses with a special kind of passion and elegance, and are known for their noble intelligence and affection.

Traditionally, these horses were part of a group originally called Iberian horses which included the PORTUGUESE LUSITANO, the ANDALUSIAN and the PRE, and they were used for classical dressage and bullfighting.

These pure and stunningly beautiful creatures, which carried the CONQUISTADORES into battle, have always been highly regarded, from royal equestrians to flashy Spanish millionaires, a status symbol of the rich and an emotive symbol of traditional Spanish classic riding style.

The SPANISH HORSE is celebrated for its dramatic and powerful movement. Balanced and harmonious, these elegant and majestic animals possess all the attributes and characteristics required for CLASSICAL DRESSAGE such as the unforced and high set arched neck and rounded profile giving a natural competence for collection and action in the gaits. Their long flowing tails and manes and deep barrel give an overall perfect picture of nobility and strength.

The ANDALUSIAN is closely related to the LUSITANO of Portugal, and has been used to develop many other breeds, especially in Europe and the Americas. Breeds with Andalusian ancestry include many of the WARM BLOODS in Europe as well as western hemisphere breeds such as the AZTECA.

Over its centuries of development, the Andalusian breed has been selected for athleticism and stamina. The horses were originally used for classical dressage, driving, bullfighting, and as stock horses.

Modern Andalusians are used for many equestrian activities, including dressage, show jumping and driving. The breed is also used extensively in movies, especially historical pictures and fantasy epics.

There is an OLD SAYING that the reason why the horses in the countryside of SEVILLE are so fleet of foot is because the MARES are made pregnant by the WIND!!
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Friendship isn’t about always seeing eye to eye, it’s about meeting in the middle.

As EQUESTRIAN SPECIALISTS we are uniquely qualified to assist you in the purchase of your equestrian property. All the staff of IMAGES OF ANDALUCIA have been involved in the horse world since very young, so you will be dealing with people who have knowledge of the EQUINE world in Andalusia and understand what facilities are essential and required to be able to assist you in your purchase.

EQUESTRIAN ESTATES vary hugely in size and we have a wide range of horse-friendly properties, whether it is for buyers looking for a house with STABLES, an investor for a STUD FARM or other EQUESTRIAN business venture, or a HOTELIER aiming at attracting horse riding enthusiast.

Many of our luxury EQUESTRIAN properties are ready to move in and have everything that a horse-owner needs, from standard facilities like stables, paddocks and tack rooms to specialised extras like schooling rings, polo grounds and clinics.

We offer mansions, rustic COUNTRY HOUSES and villas, many of them with a main house along with staff accommodation, kennels and even BULLRINGS.

From a traditional ANDALUSIAN HACIENDA in the secluded countryside to a modern villa, we can offer something unique. Some have swimming pools and beautiful gardens, while others come with many hectares of grounds that include fruit groves and woodland as well as EQUESTRIAN facilities.

Situated in some of ANDALUSIA'S most beautiful and spectacular countryside, offering stunning views and the chance to ride HORSES in MOUNTAINS and hills, around lakes and along BEACHES. We also have estates that are ideal for hunting and shooting, along with polo estates and ones equipped with arenas for dressage and show-jumping.

In the sunniest province of Spain, ALMERIA we have an equestrian centre in dramatic scenery where you can imagine riding off in true WESTERN saddle style into the sunset after Indians!

In the heart of CORDOBA province is an amazing HACIENDA with superb equestrian facilities with bodega housing a carriage museum. The property borders a large lake in stunning location.

MALAGA province we have some beautiful stud farms, a NATURAL HORSE CENTRE, livery stables, DRESSAGE training centre and private residences with all kinds of equestrian facilities.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a well-priced successful equestrian establishment in the province of Cadiz.

Situated in a small hamlet between Paterna de Rivera and Alcala de los Gazules, surrounded by the magnificent scenery of the Alcornocales National Park is an INTERNATIONAL DRESSAGE training centre and livery yard suitable for most EQUESTRIAN pursuits.

We have EQUESTRIAN HOTELS in Cadiz and Malaga provinces and an amazing property in CADIZ with its own BULLRING.

Certainly the most LUXURIOUS property is THE GENTLEMAN'S STUD FARM in Cadiz province. The immediate impression is simply WOW!! The Guardiola blood line is one of the best known of PRE-horses in Spain and of which there are presently five stallions and about forty mares and foals on this outstanding stud farm with state-of-the-art equestrian installations.
The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears. ~Arabian Proverb

To keep horses in Spain you need to have an OCA licence (now changed to Rega Registro de Explotavion (FARM REGISTRY) licence. The licence is for up to 5 horses.

You need to show that you have adequate shelter, a water and electricity supply and an acceptable way of dealing with the manure. Every OCA office has different ideas. It is best to approach the local office and ask. They are usually quite helpful.

Your land is then INSPECTED and you are given a booklet which is basically a REGISTER of the horses kept on the registered land. This will be needed if you TRANSPORT your horse anywhere in Spain or further afield. It will have the horses details, inoculation and MICROCHIP and then be registered with the local AGRICULTURAL OFFICE. A card has to be stamped once a year and a large fine is imposed if it isn't!

If you are IMPORTING a horse to SPAIN – you must ensure that it is delivered to the care of an approved stable with adequate REGA licences.

You will need EUROPEAN vehicle insurance and, if you are a professional, you will need an International Operator’s Licence, which is obtained from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

You will also need a PASSPORT for your horse, an EXPORT licence to leave the UK and an in-date health certificate signed by a ministry vet. The health certificate is applied for on the Trade Control and Exports System (TRACES).

The horse must start transport within 48 hr and be complete within 10 days. The export certificate is applied for through the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). QUARANTINE isn’t required when travelling within the EU.

There is little natural grazing in ANDALUCIA except for a few weeks in the spring and autumn after the rains, so your horses will require a mixed diet spread throughout the day.

The ALFALFA here is excellent quality as is the barley straw provided that there has been enough rain in the Spring to get a good crop. This can be mixed and is a good feed supply. The local Piensos (fodder merchants) also sell, oats, sugar beet, bran and maize, so it is possible to get quality feed.

There are excellent Vets throughout Andalucia, along with farriers, equestrian supply shops, fodder merchants and hay/straw suppliers.

Whatever kind of rider you are there is something for everyone in Andalucia.

The MONTENMEDIO RIDING CENTRE in Cadiz province, brings together riders from all over the world in February and March for show jumping and dressage events as part of the SUNSHINE TOUR, the biggest equestrian winter competition in all of EUROPE.

The wild and unspoiled white sandy beaches of the COSTA DE LA LUZ offer plenty of scope for galloping on a deserted beach or riding through the dunes.

If it´s an authentic cowboy experience you're looking for explore the arid deserts of ALMERIA and imagine your are in the WILD WEST. Or follow the old SMUGGLERS TRAILS through the CORK woods as you wind your way through the hills which lead to Ronda.

ANDALUCIA is just waiting for you to explore her on horseback, what ever the weather you will find that horse riding in ANDALUCIA is exhilarating, exciting, enchanting and simply the most amazing EXPERIENCE.

Images of Andalucia
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