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 Hunting Sporting Estates
 sample houe
All the sounds of this valley run together into one great echo, a song that is sung by all the spirits of this valley. Only a hunter hears it.

HUNTING in ANDALUCIA dates back to prehistoric times, when Neolithic man hunted for food and began cultivating land and rearing livestock. HUNTING became popular in Andalucia before the Romans with the arrival of the Greeks and Phoenicians who enjoyed the privilege of hunting freely and without restrictions, with pure breed dogs, while hunting was primarily a sport. Restrictions began in 1772 with the hunting of partridge using decoys, after which there were various rules and regulations made by the Spain’s great hunting enthusiast, CARLOS IV, in the 18th century.

Andalucia boasts the largest amount of hunting opportunities within the developed world and offers a great selection of all forms of hunting. Spain has some 35 MILLION HECTARES of hunting land including national parks, hunting reserves and preserves as well as numerous PRIVATE GAME RESERVES.

The HUNTING SEASON for all game is strictly defined and there are large FINES for anyone caught hunting out of season. The HUNTING SEASON runs from mid-October to early February and SMALL GAME includes grouse, quail, ring dove, turtle dove, red-legged partridge, pheasant, duck, geese, bustard, water fowl, pigeon, hare and rabbit.

LARGE GAME include Spanish Ibex, deer are abundant, especially in the Sierra Morena, Fallow deer are found in Doñana, La Almoraima and the Sierras of Cazorla and Segura. Roebucks are found in some parts of the Sierra Morena, Serrania de Ronda, as well as in the hills of Jerez and in La Almoraima. The wild boar is on the increase due to a lack of natural enemies in the area. Fox and rabbit are also plentiful as well as, to a lesser degree, hare which is generally found in the fertile lowlands of Seville and Córdoba.

There are several kinds of hunting land, ranging from free zones-where only a GENERAL LICENSE is necessary-to the municipal-owned local, private and national reserves, where a special license is required. To hunt in a NATIONAL RESERVE you need a HUNTING PERMIT, issued by the provincial or regional office of the Ministry of the Environment (Ministerio de Medio Ambiente). Special permission is also required to hunt in a private reserve and white halves. Where hunting is prohibited it is usually denoted by a square sign divided diagonally into black and white halves.

Hunters need a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE obtainable from special clinics, firearms permit and third party insurance. Guns must be broken and bagged when transported on public land and they may not be used within 500 m of a house or in any urban zone.

NON-RESIDENTS may import their own firearms although they must obtain an IMPORT CERTIFICATE from their local Spanish consulate abroad. Take your current firearms certificate to the consulates with a photocopy and your passport. On arrival in Spain the import certificate and gun must be taken to the local police station who will issue a Spanish gun permit. For more information contact the Federacion Espanola de Caza in Madrid on 91 553 9017

Our COUNTRY ESTATES are located across all the provinces of Andalucia, in areas that are rich in cultural and historical features and much sought after with mountains vistas to take your breath away and game-filled woodlands. The climate in Andalucia makes it one of the most important hunting destinations in the world.

Many of our country estates have previously been utilised as hunting estates and are available as shooting estates for sale. Other properties are imminently suited as sporting estates for sale, for example, our polo real estate options.
 Sample Image
“Luck affects everything. Let your hook always be cast; in the stream where you least expect it there will be a fish.” Ovid

FISHING in rivers and dams in Andalucía is also a popular sport, where trout, pike and black bass are found, as well as the ciprinidae family, including barbel and carp. Trout fishing is the most attractive to anglers, owing to its difficulty, no doubt. There are 64 fishing preserves in the Nature Parks of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas and in Sierra Nevada.

There is no true NATIONAL LICENCING SYSTEM, but you do need a REGIONAL licence. An ANGLING LICENCE is required for fishing in all reservoirs, rivers and estuaries in Andalucía. There are both public and private waters in Spain and you will need an additional permit to fish some of the really good waters.

In Spain there are three types of waters: Free (libre) waters that don't require a special permit. Restricted (cotos) waters that do require a permit (usually awarded through a lottery system). Fisheries (intensivos) are the last type of waters. You can usually buy a permit for them in the local pub or a shop near the water (river or lake).

Recently, it has become necessary to take a COURSE on MEDIO AMBIENTE (the environment) and pass a test before being granted a NIR (Número de Identificación en el Registry Andaluz) unfortunately the course is only available in Spanish. Once you have obtained this number, and purchased insurance, you can then purchase your fishing licence which is obtainable from a number of Andalucian banks.

The price of the license will vary from 5€ - 12€. You can buy a Spanish license (LICENCIA DE PESCA) at the fishing department of the regional administrative office. Fly or tackle shops can assist you in filling out the forms, and processing the license. They are obtainable from an office of the 'Delegación Agencia Medio Ambiente' (AMA). There is one office in each of the provincial capital cities. An angling licence is also obtainable from branches of the 'Caja Rural' bank.

This licence will be valid for one year only, but once you have your first licence it can be renewed simply by visiting a Caja Rural bank where you will be given a 5yr licence for less than the first one cost.

RIO FRIO merits a special mention. It is a small town between Málaga and Granada, just off the motorway in the foothills of the Sierra de Loja. TROUT FISHING here is recorded back as far as 1664, and in recent times there have been record catches with brown trout up to 5.2kg. The season lasts all year round here.

Alberge de Pescadores de Rio Frio, Riviera de Rio Frio s/n, 18300 Loja, Granada. Tel: 958 323 177. They will issue the local fishing permits or Permiso de Pesca to fish the Rio Frio as they hold the fishing rights for that water.
 Shooting estate
“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” Thomas Jefferson.

Many of our properties can be used as MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SPORTING ESTATES with stables for horses. A large SPORTING ESTATE can be a combination of hunting/shooting/fishing along with many other activities making it perfect for families and friends. Traditional HACIENDAS and CORTIJOS are surrounded by acres of unspoiled land, usually quite isolated, with high levels of privacy and totally secure. The buildings are normally centred off a traditional ANDALUSIAN, courtyard often with stables covered by traditional arches and columns.

These UNIQUE and HISTORIC properties make perfect HUNTING and SPORTING estates and are also ideal for us as EQUESTRIAN centres, ecological farms and HOTELS, as well as private residences.

Many SPORTING ESTATES are fully equipped with everything needed for the hunter, including stables, kennels, guesthouses, outbuildings and staff quarters.

The extensive land around our SPORTING ESTATES can also contain fruit orchards, VINEYARDS, OLIVE GROVES and AGRICULTURAL land, making them ideal for those wanting to make a self-sufficiency life or run a business in the beautiful Spanish countryside.

There are usually ample WATER supplies, with natural resources such as wells, streams, rivers and even FRESHWATER LAKES, ideal for fishing, boating and other water sports.

A few properties with land which is suitable for hunting or shooting are based close to LARGE TOWNS, with some less than an hour from major cities, but these still enjoy a tranquil setting yet within easy reach of SCHOOLS should they be required.

4 x 4 vehicles, along with quad bikes, are the perfect way to explore your estate ensuring that you can get to the most remote corner.

Maybe you fancy producing your own WINE or OLIVE OIL label, have a citrus grove, mango or avocado plantation the choice is endless. Large estates can have tennis courts or the space to put your own in, ample room for dressage arenas and even polo field for the equestrian, outbuildings can be utilised for ANIMAL HUSBANDRY or dog breeding kennels.

Maybe you would like to try your hand at other SPORTING PURSUITS such as archery or fencing, outbuildings are perfect for converting into these activity rooms.

Large COUNTRY ESTATES can even have their own HELIPAD or space for one, or it might be possible to construct a small airfield for LIGHT AIRCRAFT and utilise a barn as a hangar.

We have large COUNTRY ESTATES for sale in most of the provinces of ANDALUSIA, in areas with a combination of land and HISTORICAL features such as private chapels, that will continue to make these regions of rich CULTURAL and environmental significance.

Country estates in the Andalusian hills are much sought after and located in exquisite surrounds with mountain vistas and game-filled woodlands.

And, of course, there is nothing better than chilling on your terrace in the evenings watching the sunset over the beautiful Andalusian countryside and drinking a glass of wine from your own VINEYARD, eating your own OLIVES, fruit and other produce, whilst relaxing and listening to the evening noises from your superb estate.

Images of Andalucia
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