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 The A to Z Of Rural Andalucia
Malaga Mountains and the Miguelettes
MALAGA, is the major coastal city in ANDALUCIA and was occupied by the Moors until the 15th century after which it became one of the foremost merchant centres in the entire Iberian Peninsula, and an illustrious past has been left behind especially around the ALCAZABA (FORTRESS), which dates back to 1065 and is now a fascinating museum. The nearby castle, rebuilt by the Moors and now a traditional PARADOR hotel, and the historic city centre with its unfinished Gothic Cathedral and narrow pedestrian streets are fascinating
 Picasso birthplace
Of course Malaga's most famous son is PABLO PICASSO, born on 25th October 1881 in Plaza Mercad, the house is now a museum dedicated to his work and the Picasso Foundation. Picasso was a painter, sculptor, print maker, ceramicist, and stage designer. Among his most famous works are Les Demoiselles d'Avignon and Guernica, a portrayal of the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. Picasso spent most of his adult life in France and the last 12 years in a stunning mansion in Mas de Notre-Dame du Vie, France.

Of course Malaga has another son, ANTONIO BANDERAS, the actor, who once performed in the Cervantes Theatre and is still a regular patron. He will often been seen in the Semana Santa processions in Malaga.

The best known food in Malaga has to be the PESCAITOS FRITO, an assortment of fried fish and washed down with a cold glass of fino, especially on a warm day, is simply heaven. In the centre of Malaga take a visit to the oldest bodega, ANTIQUA CASA DE LA GUARDIA, and try one of the many tapas and a glass of MALAGA wine.
Follow the mountain road out of MALAGA and head into the MONTES DE MALAGA NATURAL PARK, where you can picnic, walk or simply admire the beautiful scenery after your lunch in the city.

The mountains inland from MALAGA, the SIERRA DE CAMOROLOS, were once a refuge for bandits during the 18th-19th century, and in the mountains could be found the MIGUELETES, a rural police force (the name originated from the shotguns they carried), whose aim in life was to search out and capture the legendary BANDOLEROS of the Sierras and attempt to escort them to their headquarters in GRANADA.

One tale tells of a raid on the inn at Gaucín, where, while over sixty royalist troops were eating and drinking, José María (El Tempranillo), and his men stole all of their weapons.

When a certain Lieutenant Céspedes, of the military unit known as the Migueletes, shed his uniform to join them on their raids, he was met with intense distrust on the part of the other highwaymen. However, before long he had become a feared member of the group known simply as “Venom”.

Another tale tells of the time the Migueletes had concocted a plan to ambush the highwaymen and kill El Tempranillo. On the orders of the Lieutenant of Seville, José Manuel de Arjona, the Migueletes took advantage of the fact that María Jerónima, El Tempranillos' wife, was heavily pregnant to send a message purporting to be from her to José María, informing him that she was about to give birth.

José María, not wishing to endanger the lives of his companions, ordered them not to follow him. So, El Tempranillo made for the farmhouse where his wife was being attended to, fully aware that the Migueletes were probably waiting there to ambush him.

As expected, his arrival sparked off a violent affray in which a number of men were killed and injured. His unfortunate wife, María Jerónima, died during labour as a result of the lack of facilities available and the terrible events that unfolded around the village delivery room.

Fearing that all was lost, José María placed the lifeless body of his wife across the hindquarters of his horse, took his newborn son and tucked him as best he could inside the sash around his waist, ordering the women who were in the house to open the door.

El Tempranillo shot through the door like an arrow on the back of his trusty steed, firing shots in all directions with both hands. The Migueletes were so startled and bewildered by his exit that José María managed to escape unscathed.

Our trip through ANDALUCIA will take you to the many lovely places for you to visit, so after you have explored our beautiful city see the rest of ANDALUCIA.

If you do not have enough time then you must simply keep coming back.

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